CSd Construction Import Export Industry Trade Co.


About Us Company Mıssıon and Vısıon

"CSD Construction specialized in building andinfrastructure contracting, both was firm that provided construction services to world standards. The company has expanded and diversified its activities across a broad spectrum that includes management, marketing, construction in Turkey and abroad, and maintenance and repair services".

Through its contracting firm, CSD Construction has successfully completed superstructure and infrastructure projects, include buildings of all kinds, roads and highways, drinking water treatment plants, ground stabilization. At the same time, CSD Construction also has within it contracting firm specialized in area, Convansionel Formwork Systems.

CSD Construction realizes the projects to the highest standards of quality, safety, and technical expertise.

CSD Construction has its major value, which is Customer Satisfaction and measurement tool in every aspect of construction sector.

Every employee of CSD Construction, knows that it is a responsibility to create a long – term mutual co – operation for the benefits of customers and for well – being of communities which work with.

CSD Construction owns, qualified and expertise staff and management incorporated. And also follows technical developments around the world about construction sector.

CSD Construction has its own equipment park and can supply which needs for the construction.